anti spasmodic wrist support
anti spasmodic wrist support
1. performance:
1) The elbow joint can be fixed at an angle or an angle range according to the doctor's needs, which is helpful to prevent 
elbow joint contracture.
2) Special handgrip design can make forearm perform isometric contraction training at the same time of fixation, which is 
helpful to prevent forearm muscle atrophy and accelerate fracture healing.
3) adjust the position of the upper arm bracket and the forearm support according to the actual situation of the patient.
4) the length of the handle can be adjusted according to the length of the forearm of patient.
5) thickening and breathable lining, which can be dismantled and cleaned to make it more comfortable to wear.
Conservative treatment or postoperative external fixation for forearm 
and elbow injuries.