Adjustable knee Support
Adjustable knee Support
A. Performance:

1) classical hinge design
2) allow the knee joint to move freely or fix at a specific bending angle from 0 to 120 degrees.
3) according to the prescriptions prescribed by doctors, increase or decrease at a range of 10 degrees each time.
4) use soft foam design to avoid pressure related muscle groups and wear comfort.
5) the overall length can be adjustable
 6)this product can be devided into two tyoes,right and left and they are all well fitted to the curve of the patient’s lower leg.

B. Indications:

1) external fixation for conservative treatment of knee joint bone and soft tissue injuries
2) post-operative external fixation of knee joint with bony and soft tissue injuries
3) prevention and correction of contracture of knee joint
4) control of functional position of knee joint.