Adjustable ankle foot orthosis
Adjustable ankle foot orthosis

A. Performance:

1) thefinished product design can be worn directly on the affected area to avoid the secondaryinjury caused by taking the

cast of thepatient

2) the uniqueflexion and extension control band can adjust the fixed angle gradually accordingto the patient's demand.

3) bylengthening or shortening the unilateral flexion and extension control belt,the foot of the affected side can be fixed to

the varus or valgus position.

4)thickening  liner design to ensure thepatient feel comfortable of the loading parts.

5) the innerliner is disassembled and washable.

B. Indications:

1)conservative treatment of ankle injury and post-operative external fixation.

2) patientswho need to maintain the ankle joints tofunctional position.

3) sportsprotection for ankle injury during convalescence and rehabilitation.