Rocker Style RGO
Rocker Style RGO

A. Performance:
1) enhance cardiorespiratory function.
2) promoting venous blood reflux.
3) prevention of joint contracture.
4) prevent or delay bone decalcification
5) improve skin condition and prevent bedsore.
6) enhance the upper limb muscle strength.
7) relieve neuropathic pain or abnormal sensation.
8) prevent and improve deep vein thrombosis, orthostatic hypotension and other complications.
9) when standing, it is easier to maintain balance and maximize the freedom of hands.
10) increase patient's self-confidence and solve psychological problems of patients to a certain extent.
11) to achieve corresponding standing and walking ability according to the damage plane and damage characteristics.
12) children's RGO can help children gradually improve their gravity and get the ability of standing and walking.
B. Indications:
1) patients with complete spinal cord injury below T4 due to various causes.
2) patients with incomplete spinal cord injury due to various causes.